Best adventure games that must be in your collection box

Some of the Best Adventure games:

Most of the people want to know about the best adventure games to play in their spare time. So, here you can find details of some of the best adventure games. These games are released on different platform like XBOX, PC, PS, etc.

Best Adventure gamesTomb Raider:

Tomb Raider is one of the best adventure games of all time. The story continues with a girl who is stuck in a jungle with some enemies, and she had to make his path and go back to home. The developer of this game is crystal dynamics and publisher is Square Enix. Most of the people think that this is the best adventure games. This game has many parts the latest part of this game is the rise of the tomb raider in which the story of this girl continues. Many people demanded his another part this game also has side missions and many docs besides the stories. The game is known best for his rating by different gaming sites it has a 10/10 rating of steam and 8.5/10 odd gamer spot.

Far Cry series:

There is another best adventure game series far cry. The developer and also the publisher of this game are Ubisoft. It is a first person both action and adventure game. Every game on the show has different stories, but the central theme of all games is that a person is being kidnapped and stuck in some places with his friends and he wants to get out of there. This game uses tactical thinking to escapes. The one and most important thing that attracts most of the people are crafting.

It means you can hunt down different animals to get their skins and make different things by using these skins like weapon hostler, ammo bag, bat bag. This game has different series but the latest game released is far cry primary, and another round of this game far cry five is yet to be released. The rating of this game is 4/5 by common sense media and 88% meta-role.

Walking dead:

If you are a zombie and adventure lover gamer, then this will be the best adventure game for you. This story of the game starts with an apocalypse on the human world by the zombies, and you have to survive this. Many best adventure games are released in the same story, but this game is much liked by the players. This is a role-playing adventure game that must be in your collection box. All of them are readily available at the different stores because they are trendy in the modern time.

These are top three best adventure games that you can play on different consoles with your full passion and can produce the best and wanted results. All of them are readily available for you because of their demand in all around the world.

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