3 Ways to Having a Great Date with Strangers

Thanks to technology now it is very easy to find a new partner with applications such as Tinder and Club505. But often these relationships do not last long or we can say that they don’t create the expected effect. In this list, we have compiled what you need to do for a first-time acquaintance with a foreigner and what you should pay attention to in your first night…

  1. Do not talk too much about yourself

Let’s suppose that you’ve met someone in Club505 and you have a good conversation. To catch a date with your partner you need to mention a little about yourself. But you should never talk about the same things face-to-face. Make certain you care about him/her. Ask questions that are not very specific about your partner’s life. But do not be too insistent on issues that he/she doesn’t want to answer or does not want to talk about. Try to be mysterious and feel respectful to him/her.

  1. Don’t act like someone else, be yourself

If you talk like you are someone important, it makes your partner feel uncomfortable. Try to make empathy to avoid being an as$hole! Never lie and never pretend like you’re a sweet girl or a rich man. Even if you’re rich; saying it makes things worse. Not only your charisma; also you’ll look like a loser who couldn’t achieve anything in life.

  1. Do not spend lots of money on your first date

Being an impervious or profuse is one of the worst things you’ll want. Try to be logical. So always be as you always do. You should try to be logical. Do what you normally do. No one wants to be serious with someone who spends money for no reason, who gives the impression to the people he met for the first time. If they have bad intentions, they will not hesitate to use you. Be realistic to not to be exposed to have a bad experiment.

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